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Wish my parents told me about travel

Go to college, get a real job, save for retirement. Like so many of you, I got very sound advice life from my parents when it came to living a secure life. When it came to travel, not so much… Go where it’s safe, don’t spend all your money, and then the hammer dropped: “Shouldn’t [...]

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cheap and expensive eats in us

Sleeping in a cheap bed is a lot easier for me than foregoing a tasty meal out when I travel. No matter where I end up, I am always on the lookout for the best local eats, which is why I have to be careful when I travel to the pricier destinations. Fortunately just [...]

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guide to famous destination hotspots

Planning a trip to a new place isn’t easy. Just getting the plane tickets and hotel rooms can be stressful enough without worrying about seeing that amazing thing that you have wanted to experience since high school. Then there are all the food spots, museums, and monuments that you may have never even heard of [...]

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You should visit shithole countries

Perhaps President Trump has a soft spot for smoked salmon. Or maybe it’s the skin complexion of most Norwegians that drew him to claim that our immigration platform should favor more people from “countries like Norway” and less from “shithole countries” like Haiti, El Salvador, and “African nations.” Tough language for a president to use, [...]

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Letter from a dead girl

This note was published on Holly Butcher’s Facebook page by her parents after her death last week. Our deepest sympathies go out to Holly’s bereaved family and friends. We are grateful to be able to publish her words here. Learn more how you can donate blood in the US and help others like Holly by [...]

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Auntie Ann’s Filipino Kitchen

Auntie Ann is chef and matriarchal leader at Tao Philippines’ Tao Kantina. Watch and learn below as she takes us through some classic Filipino dishes. A true chef and master, Auntie Ann doesn’t do much measuring or timing or following recipes. All she really needs is a wok, a strong fire (there they burn coconut [...]

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7 things the rest of the US can learn from California

It is no secret that Californians love their state. We love our diversity of food, proximity to natural beauty, and bustling $2.727 trillion economy (seriously, if California was ranked as a nation it would have the 5th largest economy in the world), how could any other state compete? What if the rest of the US [...]

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11 of the coolest passport stamps

It may not be fashionable but I’m a bit of a box-ticker when it comes to travel. I have a list of the countries I’ve been to and I keep track of memorable places such the highest, lowest, and driest I’ve visited. I’m also rather proud of my passports (past and present) that have filled [...]

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Save money on your trip to NYC

New York City is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and while the people are friendly, the prices are often not. The Los Angeles Times ranks New York City the second most expensive city in the United States for travelers. Hotels will happily charge you $500 for a room, and the average [...]

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Travel Chile for cheap

As its name would imply, Chile is hot with travelers right now. Unfortunately, it is also one of South America’s pricier destinations, thanks in part to having one of the continent’s strongest and most stable economies, but also because of the not-insignificant transportation costs involved in even getting there, and then navigating up and down [...]

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